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Name of Applicant: To Whom It May Concern: I am requesting a renewal of my previous approval for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Enclosed you will find the following forms in this order: G1145
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hi guys so today Im gonna show you my form i-765 cover letter and exactly what Im including inside my envelope just let you know that everyones case is different so my case as I said Im a Canadian citizen I just came here to visit my boyfriend and then we married I stay here to just go through my you know immigration process so I dont have a k1 visa nothing like that so if its your case is like me just follow this and I read all this by myself online and through their website what I need you know so just not a lawyer any things like that so just I want to help everyone that they are doing the same thing as me okay lets just started so first is gonna be these that we are putting and actually with the name so I have other ones so I dont wanna you know show that so same things is application for employment authorization i-765 and your name on under that youre putting that on top of the envelope and this one goes on top of the cover letter inside the envelope so we start these then I can start my cover letter which the name and the address and the phone number on top and March 11 then the United estate and Department of you know Homeland Security then again theyre addressed and youre writing their you know the form but mine is under C 9 so I just mentioned that then after that I just please find attachment so Im gonna read it and then click at the end Im gonna show you so I just put the accomplished form of the i-765 completed form i-485 is signature and date because this one is under there so I just mentioned that I had that form in my package to you then copy of i-94 which is my authorization when I come to us thats the number copy a passport page copy of my marriage license thank you for taking time to read my application so this is that if you see it okay thats what I mentioned and then at the end you just put in your since early yours your name and then signature with the blue hand and then with the page then as I mentioned before I always put the g-1145 for online you know notification from them so its pretty clear so you just have to make sure that youre putting a phone number everything clear on that then theyre gonna you know contact to you through that and then that is my form completed I 94 my passport and their marriage license so thats it hopefully you enjoyed it if it was useful for you please dont forget to Like and subscribe thank you for watching our next one is gonna be the whole package thats how I put everything together for sanding right